How effective is Meister Cody training?

A scientific study by the University of Münster about Meister Cody training showed significant learning success among children with dyscalculia. In the study, a group of children who took part in the training for six weeks was compared with two other groups of children. Training duration was 20
minutes per day and the training
design (task order, sequence, combination) was balanced.


One received no training while the other completed six weeks of reasoning training. To be able to determine the increase in training, all of the children completed an arithmetic test with addition and subtraction tasks before and after the training.

The increase in learning corresponded to the difference between the two tests. The Meister Cody group was the only one to achieve a significant increase in learning. In the other two groups, the test results before the training did not differ with those after the training.

In these groups, the increase in learning was therefore not different from zero (see figure below). The difference between the Meister Cody group and the two other groups was significant.


Lernzuwachs Rechentest

Increased learning in the arithmetic test

Kein Training

No training


Meister Cody


Reasoning training



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