Does “Meister Cody” replace a conventional treatment?

Meister Cody helps children with math weakness and dyscalculia. The success of Meister Cody, however, depends on various factors. One important point, for example, is the exciting story in which the training is embedded. The children embark on a quest to the dragon Sordan in order to save the magical land of Talasia.


The manifestations of dyscalculia can be as diverse as every child – for example our research has shown 5 distinct dyscalculia profiles. Many children improve significantly through training with Meister Cody and they improve without further therapy. With some children, however, it may be useful to initiate an additional therapy. A thorough diagnosis is required for this purpose, you can start with our scientifically-validated assessment.  You can get in touch with the school psychological service or educational counseling centers.


Meister Cody’s free trial phase is ideal for accurately assessing your child for math weakness or dyscalculia. And it’s a good way to find out if your child is motivated by Meister Cody. If this should be the case, then the foundation is already laid for successful learning.

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